Leadership Farm

Leadership Farm is a weekly, meticulous programme that enables a
student to discover his or her innate potential for effective leadership within their circle of
influence. During the sessions, Participants are guided through critical yet practical fun
concepts that will support them to find their essence in life and develop strategies for its
achievement. It empowers and enables participants to lead themselves to greatness and
adequately prepares them to lead others effectively.
How they will benefit:
 Continuous personal development throughout their time with the school
o Some of the topics include but not restricted to self-awareness, goal setting, being
proactive, lead, voice, presence, collaboration, curiosity, team work, time management
among others
 Tracked behavior change and shifts in the young person
 Expression of critical thinking, effective communication, self-awareness and
understanding and planning.
 Young people are inducted into the Leadership and Good Character Tribe as they achieve
set competencies over time ensuring that employers make the tribe their first choice for
staff recruitment.
Our track record of success:
Leadership Farm has a proud community of schools in Ghana, impacting the lives of
about 5000 students every week.
Understanding Self as an Effective Tool for
There is a reason people do what they do. An understanding of this basic principle
provides the young person with the power to make the right informed choices about life.
They will further learn to cultivate better relationships with their parents and friends and
do better academically.
How they Benefit:
 They will undertake a series of self-discovery exercises
 They will take the temperament test
 The results of the test will be analyzed
 Facilitators will process the results of the test and provide them with guidelines to
become better versions of themselves