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Founded in 2021, GonetAfrica is a non-governmental organization licensed by LeadAfrique International (Ghana) under the Gonet Group. GonetAfrica purposes to cultivate a new generation of creative and responsive leaders in Africa. Our primary focus hinges on the personal leadership of young people between the ages of 6 and 20 years. Our work is based on the notion that young people are leaders in the here and now. We only need to provide them with the opportunity to hone their innate strengths and capabilities to influence positively in every sphere of life. Early exposure to concepts of leadership will enable then demonstrate their skills through positive social action. We believe to gain holistic behavioral and emotional mastery, the eco system for this primary target must be impacted positively. Thus, we have programs to support the young people, their parents, their schools and teachers achieved in a structured process for cultivating leadership, self-confidence and personal responsibility. GonetAfrica partner organization, LeadAfrique International, has developed the African Leadership Toolkit (ALT), a leadership curriculum that inculcates in young people a spirit of good leadership skills and principles that will guide them throughout their lifetime. Our programme meticulously enable students discover their innate potentials for effective leadership within their circle of influence.

Need for our work

Africa has consistently lagged behind on almost all development indices in spite of its vast and rich natural resources. Many studies and anecdotal evidence show that poor and unresponsive leadership is the cause of this spate of affairs. There have been many scattered initiatives and programmes on leadership on the continent in an attempt to solve this canker. What has been lacking is a strategic, focused and unified approach to resolving the continent’s leadership challenges. At GonetAfrica, we are partnering with LeadAfrique International with aim to coordinate all leadership programmes that will tactically cultivate the next generation of the continent’s leaders – in business, governance, public service, academia, religious organizations, uniformed services, civil society, chieftaincy and at all levels. Using the patient and methodical process of farming, GonetAfrica will carefully spot, select, train and cultivate the next generation of Africa’s leaders. GonetAfrica will cultivate a cadre of leaders for Africa who will be disciplined, orderly and respond to the needs of the people. GonetAfrica aims to produce valued-based leaders who are confident and can face up to anyone anywhere in the world and will leave no stone unturned in developing their communities and nations. Several studies like empirical and anecdotal show that getting leadership right can spur development and cause a cataclysmic effect that can change people’s fortunes. GonetAfrica is therefore an idea whose time has come. With license from LeadAfrique International, we are sure that our collective vision for a transformed and sustainable Africa will be achieved.

Mohammed Kerkulah

Founder & CEO

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