Exploring Progress: Update on the Plan International Liberia Country Strategy Evaluation

Greetings from Sinkor Palace Hotel, where exciting developments unfolded, courtesy of GonetAfrica and Plan International Liberia. On April 15th, at the Plan International Liberia Strategic Planning Retreat, GonetAfrica presented a significant progress update on the endline evaluation of the Plan International Liberia Country Strategy (CS 2019 – 2024). This session brought together key stakeholders, including the dedicated teams from GonetAfrica and Plan International Liberia, to delve into the current status of this vital evaluation.

The presentation was expertly delivered by GonetAfrica Lead Consultant, Mr. Abraham Billy, and CEO, Mohammed Kerkulah, both instrumental figures driving this evaluation forward. Their expertise shone through as they shared compelling findings derived from extensive field data collection. It was evident that this was more than just a routine update—it was a pivotal moment in the journey towards understanding the impact and effectiveness of Plan International Liberia’s strategic initiatives.

The atmosphere during the session was dynamic, with lively engagement and insightful feedback from participants. This interactive approach ensures that diverse perspectives are considered, enriching the evaluation process and ultimately leading to a more comprehensive and nuanced evaluation report.

The significance of this event extends beyond mere data reporting; it reflects a commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement within the development sector. As we eagerly await the final evaluation report, it’s clear that the collaborative efforts between GonetAfrica and Plan International Liberia are poised to yield valuable insights that will inform future strategies and interventions.

Stay tuned for further updates as we navigate this journey of evaluation and learning together. Follow #gonetafrica and #PILCSEvaluation for more on this impactful endeavor shaping the landscape of development initiatives in Liberia.

Let’s celebrate progress, embrace feedback, and continue striving for positive change!

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