Empowering Change: GonetAfrica Program Team Champions Progress

At GonetAfrica, we are proud to spotlight the remarkable efforts of our program team—a dynamic lineup of powerful women leading the charge for positive change in Liberia. Dorothy Siah Stanley, Jessica Bendu Fofana, and Antoinette Nimely—these extraordinary individuals have been instrumental in supporting two impactful initiatives: the Plan International Liberia Country Strategy Endline Evaluation Data Collection and the SOS Children’s Villages Liberia National Youth Power Summit.

The recent culmination of these efforts marks a pivotal moment for GonetAfrica. As we reflect on our achievements, it’s also time to look forward—to explore new program areas and expand our institutional support to further empower development organizations across Liberia.

Celebrating Success

Our journey thus far has been defined by dedication and collaboration. The participation of our program team in the Plan International Liberia Country Strategy Endline Evaluation Data Collection underscored our commitment to evidence-based impact assessment. Through diligent fieldwork and insightful analysis, valuable findings were gleaned, setting the stage for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Similarly, our involvement in the SOS Children’s Villages Liberia National Youth Power Summit exemplified our belief in the potential of youth-driven initiatives. By empowering young leaders, we pave the way for sustainable change and inclusive development.

Looking Ahead: Expanding Horizons

As we chart the course for the future, GonetAfrica is poised to explore new program areas that align with our mission to foster socio-economic progress and community resilience. We recognize the importance of adaptability and innovation in addressing emerging challenges and opportunities. By broadening our focus and deepening our engagement, we aim to maximize our impact and create lasting change.

Commitment to Collaboration

Central to our approach is the cultivation of meaningful partnerships with development organizations. Through increased institutional support, we seek to amplify the reach and effectiveness of grassroots initiatives, catalyzing transformative outcomes that benefit communities nationwide.

Lead with Success

In closing, GonetAfrica remains steadfast in its commitment to lead with success—empowering women, nurturing youth leadership, and championing sustainable development. Together, we embark on this journey of growth and impact, guided by our core values of excellence, integrity, and inclusivity.

Follow our journey and join the conversation using #gonetafrica and #gonetacademy as we continue to shape a brighter future for Liberia and beyond.

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